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Born in the Amazonian rainforest in Belém of Pará, Brazil, Brenda currently lives in Paris where she composes music and plays the vibraphone and drumset as both a solo artist and supporting musician in several jazz, contemporary and world music projects. She regularly features her albums, compositions and arrangements in collaborative projects with various groups touring throughout countries including China, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Japan, …

« …Brazilian composer and percussion player, Brenda doesn’t place herself on a precise musical genre even if the jazz the traditional contemporary music acoustic and  electronic remains the essence of her work. It’s for her towards an “universal traditional music” that she her path stretches out.

On her work Brenda evokes her influences, hommages her idols (Hermeto Pascoal, John Cage, Michel Petrucciani, J.S. Bach, Ali Farka Toure, Björk, Milt Jackson, Takemitsu, Egberto Gismonti, Radiohead,… ). And that’s what could go through all directions….but over Brenda vibraphone mallets the eclectic becomes an homogeny and harmonious ensemble. Veritable artist, she owns an universe which she spreads out everything she touches… « 


Professional Experience


Composition, Vibraphone Solo Album, Artist-in-Residence, Video-Animation – artists in residency programs at Shanghai Art and peace Hotel  China tour on Vibraphone ,Solo  Album «Waitan N°6». Composition, performance and video project creation at the Untitled Space, Arts Itoya and Lakkos Project (Ch, Jp, Gr).   


Direction, composition and interpretation on Vibraphone and Drum set – at the her jazz ensemble under the name «Brenda Ohana» 2016 Album «Who Knows If» by Label défis. And under the name  «Billie Raw Band» albums released on 2012, «Candomblés»  and on 2009 «Êtres»  with financial help from the city of Paris, concerts on France and international tours (Fr, Ma, Pt, Bf, Ch).


Interpretation on Drum Set and Vibraphone – at the Brazilian instrumental album from the guitar player «Toninho do Carmo» and at the Free Jazz Orchestra «ARBF» album from de double bass player «Yoram Rosilio» (Fr).


Interpretation on Steel Drum – with the circus company «Turbule» and the Martinicain ensemble «Alain Stellband».  Approximately twenty presentations per year(Fr).

Interpretation on Industrial Percussion – with the street theatre company «Costellation» one year tour (Fr,Ch).


Interpretation on Vibraphone and Percussion – at the Contemporary Ensemble «Carabanchel» directed by  the composer and Bandoneon player «Fernando Fizbein» in particular at the movies «Under the Rainbow» and «Place Publique» directed by «Agnes Jaoui» and «Jean-Pierre Bacri»(Fr).


Interpretation on traditional Brazilian Percussions – at the Flute and Percussion ensemble «Zabumbae» and «Maracaju» directed by the percussion player «Mestre Danusio» (Fr,Ch,Be)

Interpretation on Tuba and Trombone – at the Parisian Brass-band «Gratkipoil». Approximatively 20 concerts per year (Fr).

Interpretation on Percussion and Drum Set – at the Traditional Marocain trio from the singer «Dito». Approximatively 60 concerts per year (Ma).


Direction, Composition and Interpretation on Contemporary Percussion – at the Contemporary Arts Ensemble «Kunstellaire» Painting, Dance and Music. Recordings at Maison de la Radio France (Fr, Lu).


Interpretation on Drum Set and Multi-Percussions – at the creation tour from the opera «Postcard from Marrocco» «Atelier du Rhin de l’Opéra de Strasbourg» (Fr).

Interpretation as percussion player  – at  concert series with the Contemporary Music Ensemble «Accroche Note» and «New Fleur» – Alsace and Bretagne (Fr, Ch, Pl).

Interpretation on Marimba  « Electrique Conterpoint » and « Six Marimbas » from Steve Reich  for him. t Lyon -Théâtre National de Lyon (Fr).


Member of the Experimental Repertory Orquestra – direction Jamil Maluf. Opéras : Carmen, Palliati, Cavaleria Rusticana, Casse-Noisette. Concerts season with invited artists such as the Winton Marsalis Big Band. São Paulo (Br).

Member from the Percussions Ensemble Piap  – Direction John Edward Boudeler. Concerts season all over Brazil and  Pan-américains percussion festivals (Br,Mx).



Computer Assisted Music and Graphic Animation – at the studios  Babane Spot  and 49 Rougissant Professionalization Centers –  Ableton Live , Pro Tools , Adobe suite softwares.


Classical Analyses and Writing – at the Eric Satie e Paris Conservatory (7ème arr.) – Jacqueline Ozanne class.

Jazz Piano as autodidacte.

Tuba Euphonium – at the Pantin Regional Conservatory–Philippe Gheler.class.


Jazz Vibraphone, Jazz Analyse and Jazz Histoire  – at the Luxembourg Town Conservatory(Lu) –Guy Cabay class.

Diploma Excellent Mention and scholarship on June 2007.

Jazz Vibraphone – at the C.N.R. de Paris (Fr). – Philippe Macé class.

Jazz Vibraphone at the Nadia and Lilli Boulanger Paris Conservatory (9ème arr.) – Philippe Macé class.


Specialization on percussion mallets (marimba and vibraphone) at the Strasbourg Regional Conservatory (Fr)–Emmanuel Séjourné class.              

Diplôme Excellent Mention on Juin 2004.                                                                                                                          

Snare drum technic – at the Amsterdam Conservatory(Nl) – Jan Pustjens class.


Classical Percussion – at the State University from São Paulo, Brésil (Br.) –’Eduardo Gianesella and John Boudeler class.

Diploma on 2001.


Classical Percussion Studies – at the Carlos Gomes Belém Conservatoire (Br.) –Vanildo Monteiro and Ricardo Aquino class.

Drumset Studies as autodidact.